A Boxplot is a method for graphically depicting a summary of a set of numbers or in other words, a 5-number summary of a set of data.

The 5-number summary includes Minimum(min), 1st Quartile(Q1), Median, 3rd Quartile(Q3), and Maximum(max) from the numerical dataset. Let’s understand with an example. …

Random Forest or Random Decision Forest is a method that operates by constructing multiple decision trees during the training phase. The decision of a majority of the trees is chosen by the random forest as the final decision. The reasons why is this method more effective than others are :

  1. No Overfitting: It uses multiple trees to reduce the risk of overfitting. Also, the training time is less.
  2. High Accuracy: It runs efficiently on a large dataset and for a large dataset, it produces highly accurate predictions.
  3. Estimates Missing data: It can maintain accuracy when a large portion of data is missing.

Permutations are all the possible ways in which elements in a set can be arranged, here the order is important while Combinations are very similar to permutations, but here the order is not important. The main difference between both is order.


Permutations Formula

Where n is the size of the set and…

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